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Lidia Branch to launch her first book on March 18th, 2015 in Moncton

Baby Jonah, The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom

Moncton, March 11, 2015 – Moncton author Lidia Branch will launch her first book Baby Jonah, The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom on Wednesday, March 18th, at 7 p.m. at Aberdeen Cultural Centre (140 Botsford St., Moncton). Based on a true story, this riveting drama tells Lidia’s story as a preemie mom. The author will read an excerpt of the book during the launch. Music and cake are also on the program. All are welcome!

Baby Jonah, The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom
After giving birth ten weeks earlier than expected to baby boy Jonah, Lidia experiences a roller coaster of emotions in the weeks her and her new son spend in intensive care, only to be made worse when her son becomes ill. The first five years of Jonah’s life are happy, but also extremely challenging. While also coping with postpartum anxiety, she is faced with a second pregnancy that is threatening to end early.

“This is just one out of many different stories parents have to tell, just one scenario out of many possible ones. However, I do believe it paints a good picture of some of the challenges preemies and their families go through,” says the author.

A healing journey  
For the author, writing this book was first and foremost a way to heal her own heart and that of her family. She also wanted to send a message and create awareness. “Having a little preemie baby is not cute. Those little babies are going through a lot of painful interventions and people tend to forget that. What you experience has nothing to do with what the mother of a healthy baby goes through,” says Lidia.

The author recalls not being able to fully understand the emotions she was feeling all the while sensing that it was hard for others to grasp what she was going through. “It’s such a gray zone. When a baby is healthy you celebrate, and when a baby is stillborn, you grieve, but what do you do when all is uncertain? Parents of a sick baby are emotionally confused and they want those emotions to be acknowledged, they need to grieve.”

It is while in the hospital that Lidia began writing a journal of letters to her son Jonah. Those letters eventually became a sort of therapy for the author who also had to deal with post-traumatic stress disorder in the years following the birth. “Writing my book was the best therapy I had.” Branch says the moment she decided to use her son’s real name and write a memoir as opposed to a novel, was when it really hit home and the healing process could begin. “I believe I found my writers voice in personal dramas.”

The author: Lidia Branch
_DSC8494lidiaLidia Branch was born and raised in the Netherlands. She and her husband Brian met in Canada in 1995 and in 1997 she decided to immigrate. Lidia lives in Moncton, New Brunswick, with her husband and their two children, daughter Maika and son Jonah, who was born prematurely and is the inspiration for this book. As a former birth doula and midwife assistant, she has assisted in the successful delivery of more than 70 babies. Besides writing, Lidia loves to read, dance, and cook for friends and family.

A family affair 
Lidia’s healing journey while writing this book was undertaken with the help of her family. Her husband Brian ( is the graphic design artist behind the cover of the book. Her son Jonah produced the Book trailer. Her daughter, Maika E. Branch was also an inspiration being herself a published author at age 11 (Calagarmii Cliffs, 2014).

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One dollar from the sale of every copy sold of Baby Jonah, The Emotional Journey of a Preemie Mom will be donated to Jeremy’s Foundation in Moncton, helping premature babies and their families. Five dollars from the sale of each book will also go towards Jonah’s post secondary education.


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